More Power. Better Performance. Longer Life.

That’s what you need from your lead-acid batteries. And that’s what you get with the patented RediPulse Charge/Maintenance System from PulseTech. Why do so many batteries seem to die at the worst possible moment? Simple. They can no longer accept or release energy.
The cause? A 100-year old problem called sulfation buildup. As your battery gets older or sits unused for long periods of time, lead sulfates on the battery plates enlarge to the point where they create an insulation barrier. Before long they build up and become so dense the battery can no longer accept or release its stored energy. But not anymore because RediPulse prevents this buildup once and for all.
With clean plates, your battery recharges faster, accepts a full charge and releases all its stored energy. You get the true power you need. Plus, since using RediPulse will keep the plates “clean”, your battery will work harder and last longer than ever before.

It also prevents the normal loss of battery power no matter how long your vehicle sits unused–even months at a time.

Why You Need RediPulse:
• Get up to 3 TIMES LONGER battery life
• Pays for itself quickly by cutting energy costs since batteries recharge faster and more efficiently
• Helps batteries charge deeper and maintain greater reserve capacity so you get maximum power
• With maximum power the motor performs better and your vehicles and equipment run faster
• Recover sulfated batteries by removing lead-sulfate deposits on the plates and exposing more of the active material
• Works with all types of lead-acid batteries including gel cell, VRLA and AGM

RediPulse Charge/Maintenace System

There are two units available: RediPulse 6-12 (735 X 260) and RediPulse 36-48 (735 X 280)
The first model works on all 6- and 12- volt battery systems while the second model works on 36- and 48- volt battery systems. And both are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

For complete product selection contact us for information on industrial commercial units and special testers/analyzers.