Now You Can Charge Your Battery & Increase Performance
At The Same Time For charging and cleaning all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries.

Finally, there is a way to recover dead lead-acid batteries that up until now were thought to be beyond saving. Presenting the award winning Pulse Charger / World Version PLUS from PulseTech – The World Leader In Battery Performance Technology.
If you work in a shop or facility that services any kind of vehicles and equipment, you need the Pulse Charger. It’s the most effective charging system available.
In fact, it’s actually four chargers in one!
This revolutionary device is a state of the art charging system (up to 20 amps) that works with both 12-volt conventional flooded lead-acid batteries and sealed “maintenance-free” batteries, including gel cell. It also

works off either 110- or 220-volt ac power so it can be used virtually anywhere in the world.
The Pulse Charger also uses our new patented ReNew-IT Pulse Technology® to eliminate the main cause of battery failure: sulfation buildup.
In the past, even the most sophisticated chargers had little or no success charging sulfated batteries. But now the Pulse Charger solves this ago old problem. It actually reenergizes and removes energy dampening lead sulfates from the battery plates while it charges your battery.
By “cleaning” the plates, the Pulse Charger helps recover dead batteries by enabling them to accept a charge once again.

Pulse Charger Specifications
Max Output: 12 volts dc, 20 amps dc
Input: 100-125 VAC, also switchable to 200-250 VAC, 50-60 Hertz, 1 phase
Compatable With:
all 12-volt lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 100-250 amp hours (20 hour rate) & 2.35-2.50 volts per cell maximum voltage
sealed, VRLA, AGM & gel cel batteries

• Charges battery to optimum level by constantly monitoring the battery and adjusting the charging current
• Voltage regulated & microprocessor controlled
• Protects against reverse polarity connection and terminates output when disconnected from the battery
• One-year warranty

For complete product selection contact us for information on industrial commercial units and special testers/analyzers.